Oi logo bigWe are all really excited about the Online Influence Conference (Oiconf) this year. Its going to be incredible!

The ambition is huge compared to last years. Last year we had one amazing headline speaker and a host of local talent. We were in one UK city, not London, we were in Newport in South Wales. We wanted to do something for SME’s and students and the like at an affordable price in a fantastic location.

I think we delivered big time. The feedback was incredible, and it led to our undertaking this year to do it bigger and better than before.

To think we have names like Mari Smith, Mark Schaefer, Tom Webster and Tamsen Webster touring the regional cities of the UK in June is massive! I am not aware of a similar event with similar ambition or scale.

The Oiconf Line up

The Oiconf Line up

If you are are AT ALL interested in social media, content marketing, understanding data, Facebook, Twitter etc etc etc. In other words – the essential disciplines for commerce in the 21st Century, YOU CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT!

I dont believe you will find an event of a similar quality, with the world class standard of speakers we are bringing over, in a city near you, for anything like the low cost tickets we are asking people to buy.

£99 Early Birds are available in Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow still, at least for the time being.

And in Cardiff the full price tickets are available at £149. (The early birds having already sold out)

Its amazing value – almost unbelievable!

But here’s the thing…

We REALLY need people to buy tickets NOW!

We aren’t a big organisation with deep pockets. We aren’t big shot online entrepreneurs with Venture Capitalist backers to make this work.

We are a couple of bloggers and friends that want to bring the world of social media marketing to life for our fellow businesses, students, local government employees, enthusiasts, whoever – exactly the sort of people that we helped with last years Oiconf.

Maybe you were there and you enjoyed it? Maybe you learned from it?

If you did, please spread the word. Please tell people how useful it was, how much you got from it, and how worthwhile it is. Tell them what great value it is!

And ask them to buy their tickets now!

We are really extended. We owe the hotels where the events are going to be held, we have to pay for flights and accommodations etc. Cashflow is crucial, and we dont have any!

We’ve no doubt these events will sell – Heck, they are selling! But its slow. We are still a couple of months out, and understandably, people aren’t rushing to buy tickets now, they know there will be plenty of time.

Theres no need to rush, they think – there are loads of tickets to go around. And we also know people will be waiting to get paid before buying their tickets, or saving money to get them.

But if you can buy them now – please do

Literally every ticket counts at this point.

Every Early Bird, or full price in Cardiff as the Early Birds have encouragingly run out already, helps to pay the bills to make this event happen.

We are on a wing and a prayer, and juggling all sorts to make it happen, and we need YOUR HELP.

Please buy your tickets NOW

Don’t wait, don’t hang on, please don’t forget! If you can, buy them now.

If you can’t pay for them yet, but you’re definitely coming, please let us know, as even that will help!

We have break even targets at each venue, and as soon as we get there we can all relax, but right now, we need you

Your Oiconf Needs YOU.

Please, if you can, buy your tickets now!

Thank you.

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    • Tony Dowling
      Tony Dowling says:

      Thanks Kath! Thats great news 🙂

      The South Wales event is actually in Cardiff Marriott, and currently, if you can get four people to by tickets with you, you’ll go free!

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